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Gold Reinheit und Gewichtsanteile

(Source: Wikipedia)

The purity of gold is historically given in carats (abbreviated kt). 24 carat corresponds to pure gold (fine gold). With the introduction of the metric system, the conversion to per thousand claims was made. For example, the stamped "750" in goldware means that the metal of 1000 parts by weight contains 750 parts (ie 3/4) of pure gold, equivalent to 18ct ("585" = 14ct), "375" = 9ct and "333" = 8ct ). Bullion coins have either 916.6 per thousand (Krugerrand, Britannia, American Eagle) or 999.9 per thousand gold (Vienna Philharmonic, Maple Leaf, Nugget, American Buffalo). The purity can be specified with a decimal number, for example, 0.999 or 1.000 (fine gold).

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